You might love this job if you generally enjoy using words like “build,” “analyze” and “optimize.” If the conversation turns to digital marketing strategy at a dinner party (weird party!), people have a hard time getting you to stop talking. You’re intrigued by delving into analytics to find the answers. You won’t stop analyzing a Google Ads campaign until you hit your target CPA. Your brain thinks in terms of logistics, conversions and problem solving. You’d rather take a math test than write a short story. Basically, you’re in it to win it for your client …. you root out the problems, hunt down the solutions, and implement the fixes faster than you can say “cost per click.”


  • love solving problems.
  • love analytics, math, reporting, and analysis.
  • won’t stop until you hit your goals.
  • have at least 3-5 years of experience in:
    • Google (and Bing!) Ads (search, display, etc.)
    • Google Analytics reporting
    • SEO (technical, on-site, link building, site speed)
    • Basic WordPress management to implement minor SEO changes
  • can put yourself in others’ shoes and picture what they’ll do next.
  • don’t mind in-person meetings and phone calls with clients.
  • are super organized and communicative.

    You Shouldn't:

    • hate talking with team members and clients.
    • get overwhelmed by having 20 tabs open in your
    • get intimidated by new situations.
    • be a know-it-all.
    • be stubborn.
    • think you're smarter than everyone else.


    • Creating and managing Google Ads campaigns (search, display, etc.)
    • Managing technical, on-site, and off-site SEO
    • Understanding and mapping changes needed for site speed (you'll have a developer who can help execute on these items)
    • Driving leads/ROI for your clients via search
    • Owning your vertical for your clients and your team -- research industry changes and ensure we're operating accordingly